Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Samay ki ret

There is that always nagging guy yelling incoherently at you, again, when you see the empty theatre. And there is that other isomorphic guy, who always gets you into embarrassing situations, nonetheless is always more convincing of the two, who calmly says, "Who watches english movies nowadays?" You beam proudly at the great wisdom your uber smart brain was able to conceive without a hint of contemplation and sit majestically in the best available seat. Rajneeti, "Katrina yay," raavan, "Art film :?" red bull - flying curvaceous girl in red and a bull, "Very intelligent, this ad has totally convinced me to buy red bull, way to go ad-makers." Half asleep. Relishing the mesmerizing ac in the decently comfortable i-move-with-your-ass chair dreaming of katrina and the curvaceous girl in red. Your friend pokes you for the national anthem, "Finally. Take that Holiday, you can’t get me now. I am seeing a movie with my friends. VICTORY!!" Still gloating you read the title on the dull yellow screen, "Hahahaa, Prince of Persia(Hin …     -_-'     H,i,n,d,i, nahiiiii, maa ki aankh, booking kisne karai thi yaar."


  1. Now the scroll-wheel of my mouse is not working x|
    SCREW YOU Universe.

  2. Hahaha...epic fail.

  3. Oh my lord ick you watched an English movie dubbed in HINDI!?!

    Well, it could be fun for the sheer entertainment factor I suppose. But still!