Wednesday, November 25, 2009

vhat's the zoke yaar?

Why is chess >> bridge?

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Because you can play chess on a bridge but you cannot play bridge on a chess.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stream of Life

Courtsey: Divyanshu

The more I write the more I spoil the video.

To summarize, this video is for those still stuck at the age of six, who like the boulevards and the cobblestone paths and old and new buildings, who like the smell of the sea and the smell of the desert, who like watching umbrellas in the rain, who still smile at a flying plane, who dance badly, who like dancing badly, who want to see the Whooole World one day, ...

And thanks Matt.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter's here

The sun never came out today. It drizzled and it was cold, the nice kind of cold, the way they have on hill stations.

It is a very sleepy weather tonight and I am right now with a thick blanket on my shoulders. Everyone went to bed early so I had to go to canteen alone :( Just collected a kurkure packet and headed back, sitting alone waiting for food in the canteen is very boring.

I was actually in a sober mood when I started writing this post, but then a non sleeping friend pinged me and then another and now I am back head banging.

Now frankly there is no story that happened to me that I can tell you that might excite you. But I think I give myself very less credit. Hardly anyone has anything to tell. People just exist because everybody else does. I at least always have something bad happening to me.

Day before yesterday my 8:30am prof mailed everyone in the course that it was compulsory to attend the last class else no end semester for you. So I set the alarm for 8, went to sleep at 6:30, mysteriously woke up at 9:05, ran in my slippers and a pencil to cse building reaching just 50 mins late. Well my prof asked who I was I said I was in the course and the rest as they say is history. The silver lining being that I am still technically eligible to write the end semester.

Now the above story might be a horrible cliche, but I had almost forgotten a professor's berating in class mainly because its been a long time since I seen classrooms. I am more than used to professors yelling at me in their offices, but the classroom experience was simply, rejuvenating.

Then there was the btp report thingy. Well, ... lets not go into so deep a shit.

The phrase 'fucked up' was invented to describe me. Because of the infinite assignments, almost every day last week I have been sleeping less than six hours. But no complains here. In fact, I find myself enjoying this a lot. Staying awake can be fun too. Now that all the project demos are over, I have a take home exam to submit next week followed by the usual end semester followed by placements.

Speaking of placements I did not make into MorgStan :( I got shortlisted for Deusteche Bank interview though, but I think they are interested in good looking people, but it is still worth a try. After DB only nomura is left after which I would have no choice but to work in a computer company.

I ordered a tailored suit for myself this weekend. Its supposed to be in plain black. I like plain things, they are easier to comprehend. I wore a tie on a formal dress for a DB presentation, it was awesome, reminded me of my school days. Frankly I am highly fed up of wearing pajamas and t-shirts, though its not like I have much of an option, it is the easiest attire to sleep in.

Almost everyday someone advices me that I should go for a phd. Now the word should is one of those words that people use to make themselves feel superior. Here's the facts succinctly: 1) I hate computer science 2) I hate computer science 3) I am more interested in annihilating the professors here than asking recommendations.

I am currently watching californication. Usually when watching serial, the background music always brings you in the required mood. I always miss it while reading novels. Of course if a novel is good it does not require sounds to mold the reader, words are enough. But I write horribly. I always feel that there should be a background music going on while someone is reading my posts. Music is life.