Friday, October 23, 2009


Finally I am done with all the unnecessary examinations required for trying to get into a university. These examinations most likely gave me the hardest time of my life. Not that I studied and got worried, but I had stopped playing games because of them and I ended up watching house all over again. The only reason I gave these ludicrous exams is as they say, to keep open all the options, which is a ridiculous statement in itself.

Delhi is one city that I think I can survive if I get stuck in india, but it lacks night life big time making it less than an ideal city. And quite contrary to my prejudice it is a decently cheap city. But then I only got an afternoon to spend during most of which I was walking with my carry bag and I bought some nice pirated novels from Connaught C. The train by which I reached Delhi was a whopping seven hours late, a personal best, so I decided to rather return by bus which was not a very comfortable journey, but adventure ranks higher than comfort anytime.

Dota is back, and with greater dedication. So all is beautiful and sunny here, well not sunny, the cold's approaching and I hate that icy bastard. The sun is a man's best friend. Never liked low temperatures. But the greener side is that we are having hot water in showers now :D Bathing in hot water is more fun than playing dota or solving sums. Recently a wasp bit me on my finger and then when you pour hot water on the swollen pinky you feel better than masturbating, though I think real sex must be better, need to try it sometime.

And we had an entrance exam for Morgan Stanley and, not exaggerating, it was the best exam I have given here in iitk. It was not difficult, in fact may be two years back I would have solved it in an hour, but difficulty's not the only issue. They had a problem on limits!! I wish I qualify the exam, will prepare for the interview wholeheartedly. They have their interviews in November, that way if I get the job I wont have to apply to the stupid univs :D For those who think economics and mba is a disrespectful option as compared to research, well I think exactly the contrary, but then it's just nomenclature, there is honor even among thieves.

Antaragni is going on right now. Meaning that I can guiltlessly play dota and watch series for three whole days. There are a lots of girls in the campus recently, beautiful ones, but then most of them have an iq less than 80 and none of them plays dota, aoe or does maths or watch house, so I got nothing to strike up a conversation on, but of course beautiful girls are not meant to be talked with, they have other uses. There are some big events which most of the people here would attend after standing in long rows, I haven't made any plans for myself yet though I am planning on finishing up either bleach or supernatural.

I saw this movie Public Enemies recently and man it was awesome. The way old time gangster movies used to be where the goon was a good fellow in the heart, more of a robinhood theme. More than the story and all that, I like to wonder at america's history. The movie is based on time of 30's and even then america was better than today's india. I like to marvel at how a democracy can function so efficiently. Its like evolution, only on a much smaller time scale. And the high-def version of up has been released, so those who haven't seen it yet, now's the time, haven't seen it myself yet. Here's song from public enemies soundtrack,