Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pappu pass ho gaya

Got my semester results today. Passed with relatively unenthusiastic colors, penguinish one might say, no where near flying. Now there can be no logical reason why results should ever be compared to colors and even if there had been one there would further be no perceptible explanation as to why these colors should be flying. Had I been consulted I would have suggested bright or sexy colors. Had there been a further constraint that the colors should appear to be doing something then wildly jumping or madly dancing would better express a good result or may be hobnobbing would be my second choice. Mainly because it is fun to say hobnobbing again and again. (Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing.) And we would be putting such a good word to some decent use. Gandhi used to say be the change you want to see in the world. I passed with not very hobnobbing colors. (Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing.)

Oh and another thing got sidetracked in our deep philosophical discussion of the proper adjective for colors. I passed :D Hurrah!! (Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing. Hobnobbing.)