Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well well well, what have we got here, a fourth year computer science student whining about his tough decisions and the mediocrity of life. Or rather such would have been a very sound assumption. But such imaginations need to be forfeited for I am all sunshine and upbeat right now.

There's a multitude of things that contribute to this general cheeriness.

I am right now in a just finished reading a wodehouse phase and hoping to get hold of another one before the complete waning takes place. And this phase has superimposed itself with a three day holiday phase resulting a very pleasing constructive interference.

The part of the brain which processes trifling matters about my future and about studies and other old people's affairs has got all its neurons entangled and is laying dysfunctional and the rest of the brain muscles are working hard to make sure that it stays so.

Of course a certain amount of feminine presence would have heightened the current bliss but on the greener side I am serving the last year of my sentence and all set to be rehabilitated.

The closest relatives of luxury here are the milkshakes and ice creams offered in our canteen and I have taken up the strenuous task of exploring these vast terrains very seriously.

I am also almost on the brink of making one of my brilliant jokes right now but the receiving end needs to be prepped up a bit to prevent any kinds of vengeful acts, so it will have to wait for the next time.