You know, how once in a while you wish the matrix were real so as to make sense of it all.

How you stare at the sea and the big sky above and ponder over the significance of meeting the next deadline at work.

How you look at big raindrops splashing the mud here and there and the surprising sturdy small green leaves nodding in the rain, with an empty mind, just sitting there and watching.

How sometimes you are all alone in a room and suddenly everything becomes more loud and more clear and you can really see the things around you.

How you listen to a song and then listen to it again and then again ten more times till you can think of nothing but the beautiful music pouring into your ears.

How you read a book and fall in love with its heroes with its villains with its tiny boulevards and its secret alleys with its warriors its wizards its vagabonds.

How you sometimes find a beautiful photograph which seems to be beckoning you to decipher its dirty little secret.

How you read a beautiful equation or solve a beautiful problem and for that one moment all the pieces of the world seem to finally have fit together.

Yeah, well, this blog is about no such thing.